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Reference documentation for the XML markup elements and attributes used in Voice Command Definition (VCD) files to specify recognition constraints.

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Affixed with the extension, many Microsoft Windows-based systems are implemented with support for detecting these VCD files as actual optical disks even when these virtual CD files are stored in directories of hard drives connected to the computer.. A virtual CD file is categorized as a disk image file that can be used to access the content of a CD or DVD without the need for a physical CD-ROM/RW or a DVD-ROM/RW drive.. The vcd file extension is given to virtual CD files A virtual CD file is an image of the data that has been recorded on a CD.. These virtual CD files can be placed in a directory of the hard disk and played from this source location using a supported application that can be used to open and view the types of files stored in the virtual CD image file.. To watch a VCD file on a computer, use the Video LAN Client How to Play VCD Files.


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How to open a vcd file? Launch a vcd file, or any other file on your PC, by double-clicking it.. These virtual CD files are integrated with disk image compression and formatting specifications used for archiving different types of files and even the entire content stored in optical disks and hard drives into one virtual CD file which can be mounted in a virtual drive to access the data saved in the virtual CD file.. This image is recognized by Windows as an When purchasing a DVD player, seek out players that support the VCD format. Download Firefox 10 For Mac

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Data encoding standards are also implemented into these virtual CD files that allow its content to be stored in the VCD file format.